Andrew Cozens | Engineering Surveyor, Comast Construction, UK

Since moving over to the UK 2 years ago I have proved over and over again the need for, and benefits of Model Maker. I was able to prove the design was at fault to the actual site dimensions and when I showed the ease and speed that I set out the car park and produced a build, my boss was sold and bought the software.

Andrew Cozens | Engineering Surveyor, Comast Construction, UK

Having to work alone and overcome problems on site with just Model Maker and a laptop while sitting in the back of my van was a common scenario in my first 4 years of survey. Being able to produce CAD drawings and import CAD and creating coordinated positions for setting out, I don’t see any other way it can be done so easily.

Andrew Crocker | Professional Land Surveyor

I’ve never encountered a business like Model Maker Systems who would listen to an individual and make changes to their program if the changes will benefit the industry.

Mogamat Abdul | Power Construction

…the software in my professional opinion is of excellent quality, user friendly and performs an integral part of our survey package on site. I cannot imagine what our work productions would be like on site, without the assistance or use of the Model Maker Systems software.

Andre Serfontein | SIVEST, KZN

I like the support we receive, friendly, informative and to the point. I like the fact that software is updated often, and that requests/queries are attended to timeously.